Ed Potosnak Appalled Congressman Lance is Deceiving Voters

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North Plainfield–Ed Potosnak, demands that Congressman Leonard Lance come clean with New Jerseyans and admit the radio ads run on WCTC were essentially correct.

Lance claimed ads educating listeners to the fact that he voted to deny everyday Americans the benefits, protections, and security he gets through Government provided healthcare for him and his family were false. After Congressman Lance requested the ad be pulled because he forwent federal insurance, what Mr. Lance was attempting to conceal was then uncovered. Congressman Lance’s family health insurance is being paid for by New Jersey taxpayers, to the tune of $1,906.42 per month, or $22,877.04 per year, more than twice the cost of the federal plan.

“We must be vigilant in holding our elected representatives accountable. What our families and businesses need is the truth,” Potosnak explained. “They want their Congressperson to be upfront and honest with them and Congressman Lance has not been genuine,” Potosnak continued.

“Congressman Lance needs to come clean about the fact that he is costing the taxpayers of New Jersey twice as much by opting out of the federal health insurance” Potosnak demanded. “Congressman Lance is a career politician and will say anything to get reelected and I am hopeful that voters will have an opportunity to finally hear the truth from Mr. Lance personally,” Potosnak explained.

“If we are going to get our edge back in America we need to change the people in Washington because our families are taxed enough and deserve some honesty,” Potosnak added. “I am committed to creating jobs for unemployed Americans by stimulating innovation, research and development and improving education,” he concluded.

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