Potosnak Calls Upon NJ Transit To Restore West Trenton Line

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BELLE MEAD – Ed Potosnak, Democratic candidate for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, called for renewed passenger service on NJ Transit’s West Trenton Line in front of the defunct Belle Mead train station.

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“I stand before you today to pledge my support for two critical mass transit projects that will benefit our region and my district enormously: the restoration of the West Trenton Train Line and the Continued Construction of the Access to the Region’s Core, or ARC Tunnel.”  

Referencing the West Trenton line, Potosnak said, “The plan, which is the result of years of study, will restore commuter rail service for 27 miles of service which starts in West Trenton, travels through Ewing and Hopewell before reaching communities in the 7th district here in Belle Mead and then on to connect to the Raritan Valley line in Bridgewater where commuters will transfer on their way to Manhattan, or families will detrain for an evening baseball game at the Somerset Patriot’s stadium.”

Potosnak described the impact the re-opened train line would have on communities in the 7th district.  “Downtown environments will be created in Montgomery and in Hillsborough.  Here in Belle Mead, a compact, pedestrian friendly down town space will be created accessible to bikers, walkers and residents of nearby communities - equipped with commercial space.  Imagine the gravel on which we stand replaced with pathways and behind us a quaint downtown with commercial spaces will be a destination for area residents.  Restaurants where families will dine, shops where commuters and area residents can shop – all within in walking distance to neighborhoods and just a train ride away from Manhattan.”

“This project should be started now so that Somerset County can reap the benefits of the ARC Tunnel.   When I am in congress, the West Trenton Line will be central to my plan to help our Region get its edge back.  Residents of Central Jersey will have an advocate working every day to ensure that the federal tax dollars they pay will be returned through investments like this - to make our communities stronger for the future.”

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