PolitickerNJ: Dem candidate Potosnak implores commission for more competitive, compact districts.

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By: Max Pizarro

Source: http://www.politickernj.com/51586/dem-candidate-potosnak-implores-commission-more-competitive-compact-districts


NEW BRUNSWICK - Seventh Congressional District candidate Ed Potosnak lost last year when he faced incumbent Republican Leonard Lance.

Now he wants a more competitive and compact congressional district.

"Many people told me they were not going to participate becuse their vote didn't matter, because it was a Republican district."

Potosnak said the lack of competitive districts is a major factor in Congress's hyper-partisanship.

"The only elections that matter are the primaries. You can end that partisanship in Washington by making competitive districts."

The unsuccessful Democratic candidate - who's running again this year in a 7th District primary that includes declared candidate, former Edison Mayor Jun Choi - pointed to Union Township as a further sign of madness.

Three congresspeople serve the same town.

"It just contributes to the confusion people have about where they should go for help," Potosnak said. "It creates diffuculty for members of Congress to be held accountable."

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