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Ed believes that all Americans are guaranteed equal treatment and protection in the United States under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

The amendment makes clear that all state and local governments must provide equal
protection under the law and cannot pass legislation that would act to violate such protections.
Ed opposes state or federal legislation that suppresses equal treatment and protection under
the law of any group of American citizens, including those who are as gay, lesbian, bisexual
or transgender. Ed knows that legalized discrimination hinders the ability for all Americans
to participate fully in society and help America gets its edge back.


Employee Non-Discrimination Act

Ed supports Employee Non-Discrimination Legislation nationwide because it would ban
employment discrimination based upon sexual identity or gender identification in civilian,
non-religious businesses across the country. Ed believes people across America should be
protected in the same manner that they are protected in his home state of New Jersey.


Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Ed supports the end of the military’s discriminatory “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” policy. Ed agrees
with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen, who testified before Congress in favor of its repeal.
Ed supports allowing LGBT citizens to serve their country openly and will support legislation to
allow this when he is in Congress.


Defense of Marriage Act

Ed supports marriage equality. Constitutionally, there is no justification for prohibiting same-sex
couples from participating in civil marriage. Ed is opposed to state legislation, like Proposition 8
in California, which violate the Constitution. Ed supports overturning the federal Defense of
Marriage Act, also called DOMA, which allows states to refuse to recognize a same-sex civil
marriage performed in another state. Ed also opposes a federal amendment to the Constitution to
define marriage. Writing discrimination into the U.S. Constitution does not help America get its edge back.


Reuniting Families Act

Ed also supports the passage of the Reuniting Families Act, which will allow bi-national couples,
including LGBT couples, to be reunited with their loved ones. It will eliminate the red tape that separates
couples legally permitted to immigrate to the United States from being with their loved ones.


Bullying and Hate Crimes

Ed believes local law enforcement should have access to necessary resources in order to investigate
and prosecute hate crimes and supports the recently passed Hate Crimes Prevention Act. He strongly
believes that schools should have resources and policies in place to protect vulnerable LGBT students
from bullying and supports the Safe Schools Improvement Act currently pending before Congress

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