Ed on Women's Rights

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Ed Potosnak supports equal protection under
the law for all American citizens.

Women should not be subject to discriminatory treatment because of their gender.
Ed supports strong domestic violence protections, a woman’s right to choose, and equal access
to healthcare regardless of gender.


Domestic Violence

Ed strongly believes that we must protect women, children, and families from domestic violence
and abuse. Ed supports the Family Violence Preventive Services Act (FVPSA) which provides for
emergency shelters, crisis lines, counseling, victim assistance and other necessary resources
for women and families escaping domestic violence. Congress let law expire in 2008.
When Ed is in Congress, he will work to reauthorize the FVPSA.


Women’s Health

Ed Potosnak recognizes that disparities in access to healthcare between men and women
must be eliminated. Ed knows that insurance companies should not be able to make being a
woman a “pre-existing condition,” and supports the provision within the Health Reform legislation
that stops the insurance practice of charging women more than men for health insurance.

Ed Potosnak supports a woman’s right to choose. He opposes the Stupak amendment inserted
in the health reform bill and believes women should be able to make their own decisions
with respect to their body. Ed supports access to emergency contraception.

In New Jersey, legislation requiring pharmacists to fill all valid emergency contraception
prescriptions has been enacted. Ed supports similar federal legislation because pharmacists
should not have the power to deny a woman access to medically prescribed healthcare.
Ed supports unrestricted access to reproductive health care including family planning.
He opposed the $7.5 million cut to women’s health services enacted by Governor Chris Christie.
Ed knows that when you cut preventive care and family planning, it ends up costing Medicare
and Medicaid four times more than the original cost of service. Ed opposes jeopardizing
women’s health in order to score political points.

Ed supports affordable access to screenings for breast cancer and cervical cancer.
Women should not be denied lifesaving preventive care because of their financial circumstances.

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