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Ed Potosnak unequivocally supports the existence of
the State of Israel as a Jewish State.

In Congress, Ed will work to further the unbreakable bond between the United States and
Israel. Ed believes that the best way to guarantee the safety, security and welfare of Israel’s
future is through strong support from the United States and the
realization of a two-state solution.

U.S.-Israel Relationship

The U.S.-Israel relationship is a strong alliance based on shared values of democracy, and
a strong interest in a peaceful future for the Middle East. As the sole democracy in the
MiddleEast, Israel’s importance in the region cannot be underscored enough.
Ed believes it is the profound responsibility of the U.S. to support policies that will strengthen
Israel’s safety, security and welfare—these policies are in the interest of both Israel’s future,
and U.S. national security.

Israel is our most important ally and friend in the Middle East and should be treated as such.
If the US has any problems with Israel we should work it out in private rather than airing it out in the press.


Ensuring Security and Stability

Ed believes the path to Israeli security and stability is paved with United States aid.
Unlike his opponent, Ed will never cast a vote against providing that aid to Israel.
This money supports schools, hospitals and roads as well as providing the necessary resources to
allow Israel to protect itself from hostile neighbors.


Two State Solution

Ed firmly believes that a peaceful and just resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict lies in a
two state solution. This does not mean two warring states, but two living side by side in
peace and security, and within internationally recognized borders. Israel has an absolute and
unquestionable right to exist as a Jewish State. Israel also has an absolute and unquestionable
right to protect itself from any and all aggressors.


Regional Diplomacy

Ed’s beliefs regarding the Middle East region are based on the view that U.S. interests in the
region require robust and strong diplomatic engagement. Ignoring problematic leaders and states,
as our country has done for far too long, is not productive. Diplomacy must be used to avoid
precipitous and unnecessary military engagements. This diplomacy cannot be achieved with
the existence of a nuclear Iran and all options should be on the table when choosing how to deal with
Iran – including and especially the imposition of meaningful sanctions to deter the development of
nuclear weapons. Additionally, it is inexcusable for states in the region to threaten Israel’s existence
through violence and terrorism.

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