Ed on Immigration

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Ed’s grandparents came to America from Poland as refugees during WWII

...and integrated into a newly formed community in Clifton, NJ. Today, NJ is proudly defined by
its ethnic diversity which has increased over the years. Immigrant communities throughout
New Jersey have greatly contributed to our economy as well as our social and cultural diversity.

Ed believes that our current immigration system is broken and the need for reform has never
been so great. In 2007, the U.S. Senate came close to passing much-needed comprehensive
immigration reform. While we still may not agree on each individual provision, the
consequences for inaction have become alarmingly clear as individual states take matters
into their own hands In order to create true, long-lasting reform,

Ed knows we must set and achieve the following objectives:

Secure our Borders

Ed knows it is critical to maintain our national security and work to put a stop to unlawful
immigration. This does not mean a physical wall around our country, but rather an increase
in the number of border patrol agents at both the Mexican and Canadian border will allow us to
slow unlawful migration and more effectively apprehend those who threaten our national
security through drug and arms smuggling and human trafficking.


Bring People Out of the Shadows

In order to create real, long-lasting reform, we must create a pathway to legal status for
the millions of undocumented immigrants who have made lives for themselves and their
families in the United States. It is essential for our national security to know who resides
within our borders. Additionally, Ed knows that we must hold businesses
accountable for employing undocumented workers.


Improve pathways to legal immigration

In order to reduce unlawful immigration, Ed knows must improve legal channels to
immigrate to the United States. Both our employmentbased immigration and family-based
immigration systems create obstacles that are often insurmountable for business owners
who depend on foreign workers and families long separated by borders.

By reforming our laws and addressing the needs of the business community and immigrant families,
we can and will stem the tide of unlawful immigration. As Congressman, Ed will proudly support
comprehensive immigration reform and other legislation that will improve our immigration system
and protect our national security.

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