Ed Potosnak on Education

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Ed Potosnak knows that a good education is necessary for our children to have successful futures.

The strength of our community and vitality of our economy both depend on the quality of our schools.

High Quality Pre-K

Ed believes that an early childhood education is vital to getting children off to a good start.
Research has confirmed that the learning experiences during their earliest years greatly affect their
social and academic development in later years.


Improving K-12

We have a responsibility to help all children meet their potential.
Ed knows real actions must be taken to strengthen our education system.
That means making our schools better by setting high standards for students, reducing class size
and improving teacher training.

Making College Affordable

Ed put himself through college. He supports the student loan reform legislation that passed earlier
this year because it helped put college within reach for more families and students by cutting out
costly student loan administrative fees paid to the banking industry.

Ensuring that student loans and grants go directly to the students who will use them to go to
college is essential. He is committed to making sure that college is affordable and
within reach to all our students.


Expanding Resources

Ed knows that it is critical to increase our nation’s investment in education - including early
education - to establish a level playing field for all of our schools. In Congress, Ed would
advocate for policy that would ensure students and educators have access to the resources
they need to succeed.

Ed will work to ensure that each student has access to highly qualified and well-supported
teachers so that every school-aged American is able to reach his or her full potential, both
academically and in their future lives.

Improving Accountability

Ending One-Time, High Stakes Tests Ed supports measures for rewarding all schools for
improving. He knows that through offering solutions to struggling schools we can remove
longstanding roadblocks that have prevented their progress. Through a policy of rewarding the
consistent progress of schools, we can promote a more sustainable and working education system.

Additionally, Ed understands that evaluating student growth over time is essential to providing a
realistic assessment of student learning. Enhancing accountability systems to include all that
we value educationally as a nation will improve education and win advocates.

Ed knows that a concerted effort to improve how we assess schools will foster better problem
solving and critical thinking skills not only in our students, but in the adults that are
critical to making education work.

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