Ed Potosnak on the Issues

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As a teacher and scientist, Ed knows the opportunities and challenges in American education. New Jersey needs Ed in Congress so he can take advantage of his classroom experience and extensive knowledge of education policy to improve our schools and promote innovation in education.


Across the 7th District of New Jersey, tens of thousands of people are out of work or unemployed, and many more are unsure of how long they will have their jobs. Getting our unemployed back to work is Ed's top priority. Small businesses and the biotechnology sector are our best chance to generate real jobs in our district.


Our nation is at a critical juncture. We are challenged to stay ahead of other nations in an increasingly global 21st century economy. We can no longer rely upon our past successes to ensure our future economic leadership. New Jersey's 7th Congressional District is home to leading technological, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies. It is often referred to as the "medicine cabinet of the world." As a scientist, Ed understands the challenges these companies face and will fight for federal investments in R&D as well as promoting public-private partnerships.


Ed supports reforming health care because the current system is still broken and is hurting Americans. Ed strongly supports ending restrictions on pre-existing conditions and is encouraged by Congress' action to enact deficit-reducing legislation to improve the access and the quality of healthcare. In Congress, Ed will continue the fight to keep costs low through increased competition, focus on preventative care, and make sure nothing comes between a doctor and their patient.


Ed is committed to seniors. Social Security is critical for millions of seniors, and Ed will ensure step are taken to preserve Social Security and Medicare in the long term. He applauds the recent successes in closing the prescription drug donut hole that cost many seniors thousands of dollars a year and will continue the effort to ensure that no senior will have to choose between their medical care and their next meal.


Working families are struggling to make ends meet in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Ed is ready to take on the powerful financial industry to ensure another crisis like this does not occur again. Ed will work to protect consumers and limit the risky practices of big banks on Wall Street that led our economy into the gutter.



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