Ed on Healthcare

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Ed believes the Affordable Healthcare Act was an important step in our
nation’s history toward a
more fair and effective healthcare system.
But it was just one step and we must continue to look for solutions to the problems with our healthcare system.

We have chosen reform and Ed wants to ensure that the implementation of this reform is given an
opportunity to begin to address some of our healthcare system’s problems, not dismantled by
repealing the healthcare reform. Ed was proud that our country honored the dignity of families
and individuals by putting an end to denying coverage due to pre- existing conditions.
Ultimately, there are measures that will be implemented and others we need to explore to
lower costs and improve healthcare coverage.

Helping New Jersey Families

Ed supported the Affordable Health Care Act because the legislation ensures expansion of
coverage, lowers cost and strengthens patients’ rights. In New Jersey’s 7th Congressional
District, over half a million people had their health coverage improved.

Ed supported healthcare
reform because over 74,000 families in New Jersey’s seventh district received tax credits up
to $5,800 and expanded coverage, while nearly 6,000 additional people in New Jersey with
pre-existing conditions were able to get coverage. In the current economic climate, this will
go a long way in extending healthcare without bankrupting families.


Helping Small Businesses

Ed is a small business owner and comes from a family of small business owners, so he knows
firsthand that healthcare costs can stifle the growth of businesses and the creation of new jobs.

The Affordable Healthcare Act provided tax credits to nearly 20,000 small businesses in
New Jersey’s seventh district and allowed them to join the health insurance exchange.
However, Ed feels there is more we can do to help small businesses overcome healthcare costs.
In order to make our businesses competitive in a global economy, healthcare coverage must be
affordable, reducing the burden upon payroll.

Only then will small business owners spend less time talking to their healthcare providers and
more time expanding their businesses and creating more jobs.


Healthcare Reform is Fiscally Responsible

Ed knows that healthcare reform was crucial because it has expanded access to coverage and
lowered costs for individuals and families. Almost as important, however, is that reforming our
healthcare system will reduce the deficit by $130 billion over the next decade.
Passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act also included measures to eliminate waste, fraud,
abuse and excessive profits from private insurers.

Ed knows that healthcare reform means a healthier New Jersey as well as a more financially secure New Jersey.

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